About Mane Antu

“Mane Antu” in Quechua language means “Sun Condor” , metaphorically, means anything that flies high and without barriers.

We are travellers who don’t believe in frontiers. We’ve experienced the nomad life, we are inspired by original people, native traditional cultures, and pure landscapes and nature. Working and living are inseparable for us, our roots want to be nourished by a profound ecological awarness.

We make jewels that fullfill that aesthetic view rather than any commercial ambition. A particular skill of us, is selecting stones for our desings. We believe in the importance of the material, so we devote as much attention as required to the selection of the best gems, minerals, fossils, and weird stones. Together, we use in our designs the best 950 silver metal to set the creation up in the most useful  and ergonomic way .

Each unique piece concentrate millions of years in its stones and metals; many stories during the selection of its materials; and many hours focused in the workshop. Our designs have been sold  and have been inspired throughout our nomadic route.

We experiment with a variety of forms, designs and themes. At every step of the hand making of a piece, we check and correct. And if at the end our eyes are not happy, we dissasemble it and we star again. But the piece, finished, is not yet at home; our last look is to see that the piece has gone to the right person.  We appreciate  every one of the pieces we craft, so we care  about  the person acquiring them is adequate. We understand that these pieces are not for everyone, we love them and we would be pleased if you love them too, if so,  we feel that our work is done.

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Daniela was born in Santiago, Chile. She studied design at Universidad de Chile,and got her MD in Mexico, where she also got her PhD scholarship in design. She is the mastermind behing the technical issues, and the sensibility behind the aesthetical taste. She also has an extense experience working together with artisan groups, studing and promoting their traditional art and technics.






Miquel Angel was born in Barcelona, Spain. He graduated in Philosophy by “Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona”, with Special M. in Ethics and Philosphy of Mind; he also holds a Degree in Social Anthropology focused on Anthropology of the Ritual and Simbolic Representations, he did field research in the Brasilian upper Amazon. Today, he has exchanged reading books with his eyes for reading landscapes with his feets; leaves in Costa Rica, where he has been involved in reforesting projects, and, when he is not looking for new horizons for the jewelry, spends most of his time lost somewhere into the rainforest.




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