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Mane Antu handcraft jewelry for bitcoins is on the road


It is summer time in Costa Rica, sun is shinny and the weather is sweet, people is smiling on the street, so as usual Mane Antu starts its tour around Costa Rica.

We’ll be offering our handcrafted jewelry in several beautiful points of this geography, participating in festivals, and art exhibitions.

We’ll be bringing our art to the public. And, at the same time, we’ll be promoting the Bitcoin network in Costa Rica among our customers and fans.

Mane Antu believes in the potential of the Bitcoin to generate new spaces of freedom and opportunities for a real democratic social eviroment. Let’s give back the power to the people.

Mane Antu Feria Verde1


We are back!!

2008-01-01 00.00.00-165_1024Hello Dears!

We apologize.

Due to problems with our hosting service our Web page was down for the last four days.

Yes, right, we could not work on Black Friday!

Although we worked very hard during the previous week, and although we were very excited to open and offer our art in silver to all of you on Black Friday,  events sometimes are not fortunate, and our effort was not enough to be ready and working on that date, sometimes events are out of control.

So, after our disappointment, we learnt an important lesson.  We  have built our website more solid,  now we a ready again.

We we’d like to maintain our offer, so we will be giving for free traditional kimono silk bags with every piece purchased during this week, and also,  we’ll be still shipping for free anywhere you are ordering from.

Thanks for your patient, and sorry again.